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Sydney Sunday.


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Gday all, great morning to be out. Bugger all swell about .5M from the east, little wind and current going .7Kn downhill Water is a bit of a mix of grren and blue areas and quite dirty visibility probably 10M down, temps varied a degree from 20-21°.                                                               Headed north out the head to 90M sun was coming up but hadnt broken the horizon yet. Got to our spot and dropped and virtually straight onto nannys. That was a good sign as the snapper are under them. Finally after plenty of throwback pests the rod gives the tell tale sign and we have our first on and into the easky spiked and on ice. 

Ran back to the mark as it is a very short drift less than 100M and dropped again, more nannys andso the process was repeated. Let the next one ride a little further till we hit the mud and the rod goes off. I fell something strange on and wasnt sure what it was till up, a tilefish.  Bit odd for here but welcome. No sooner than that the rod bends again  a solid fish and tell tale headahake of a snapper this time at 56cm.                                                   Headed back up to the  top of the mark again and  rod nearly gets pulled over the side, this time a slightly bigger red hits the dexk and at 62 is the last for the morning as the bite dropped off. Moved in a bit and  found a couple of flatties and a mowie. Knocked the day on rhe head at 11am with a very good feed



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