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Shimano Stradic fk / ci4 size recommendation squid

Sea Ranger

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Hi all.   I'm looking to take advantage of current sales and either get a Stradic CI4 fa (older model) or the new Stradic fk.   Initially I will put this reel on a Majorcraft squid rod but who knows as I  have a 1000 series reels and then 6500 nothing in between .   I  fish wharfs rocks, dinghy, and my kayak for the usual bread and butter fish.   My son and I have been focusing on squid lately.  ok I can only get the stradic ci4 fa in 2500 size. I can get the stradic fk in either 2500 or 3000. My understanding is that the only difference is the spool size or at least the spool's arbor for line capacity in the 2 fk models.   From a squidding view do I lose any castability or have other adverse issues by choosing the 3000 size?  I would use mono backing on the 3000 or at least that is my plan.  fyi  my 1000 series reels Penn affinity and Shimano Sedona leave my egi rod a bit tip heavy.  I'm pretty much set on the fk but the ci4 is cheaper currently though the fk basically comes with a free sahara rod.




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You're correct in saying the outside diameter of the spool on a 2500 and 3000 are the same, so it won't effect your castability at all.

Its up to you on which one you chose depending on how much line you want on the reel and what breaking strain.

If you can, take your rod down to the store and try both the ci4 and the FK on it to see which one balances the best.

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Love my fk2500 get either or and grab a second apool. I use 1000 reels for squid now and i have reeled in some monster squid. Anything bigger than a 1000 is over kill. I use the 2500 for plasrics and hard body lures now and 3000 spool spooled up for bihger stuff like jews etc.  Ci4+ is just lighter and and abit less drag. Great for lightness

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