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Hi guys 

was thinking of heading out this weekend for a fish and try out my new Solas S/S Prop since I stuffed up the alloy one I had at the boat ramp last week and to do some fishing, I was thinking of doing some bait trolling but not sure how to rig up and what speed to troll at, can anyone help out.

thank you

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Trolling livies-non offset hook through the nose, idle speed, live squid, two hook rig- one through the tip of the hood and one in the skin at the back of the hood- 8/0s are a good size. For deadbaits there is a bit of a knack to setting them up and have a look at a bunch of Youtube vids if you want to learn how- not many people troll deadbaits around Sydney- i mainly use them up north for Spannies and Spottie MAcks. Idle speed tends to be the go . Skipbaits for marlin are very effective but need outriggers to set up properly- troll them at about 4 knots. What are you targetting? Key is really to set the bait up so it doesnt spin but goes straight.

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Hi Guys

Sorry for the late reply but for some reason i couldn't find my post, can i add a sink if I what to troll live baits at a deeper depth as I have tried trolling live Yellow tail before and it kept coming to the top and it didn't matter how slow i was going.

I damaged my alloy prop at the boat ramp, the ss prop I have now performs much better more top speed and better all around  

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