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Blackie fishos - good net?


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Last session I noticed my extendable long-handed net was starting to fall apart and it is about time to get a new one.

I got this one for $45, it extends to about 3m but it is a little flimsy on the net end.

Can any experienced blackie fishos recommend a good replacement or even just somewhere to get a good quality long-handled net? Most places only seem to stock a few short nets and the ones on the auction site are a bit wanting for quality. Also needs to be transportable!

Thanks guys appreciated!

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Pool extensions are the cheapest, look or ask around, plenty of them on council cleanups etc. Then you just get a suitable net that will pop rivett into the pool extension. 4-5 metres is handy in some places, useless off the rocks, landing nets are just plain dangerous on the rocks IMHO but the iso blokes seem to always use landing nets, whatevs. 

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Thanks for the replies guys. I guess I wouldn't mind spending a bit more on something that is quality, but I don't think I'd need a 5m net. I will check out some of the ones that have been recommended.

The pool scoop/paint roller extension is a top idea and I have seen a couple of blokes who use this kind of setup. Unfortunately for me I don't have the car room for a pole that long so I'd need something collapsible.

Cheers! I'll let you know what I settle on.

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