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Lake Mead (hoover dam), Near Las Vegas


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Ok this is a report that should of been posted a long time ago how ever it never even crossed my mind. This is not an advertisement but a pure /report recommendation. Anyone travelling abroad looking to go on a fishing charter, it is a must!

I visited the states last year for a 2 week vacation and many learning curves for me. We however managed to score pretty much a private (only My mate and I) fishing tour at, well IMO a very cheap cost.

Lake Mead is a large barron lake in Nevada fed by the Colorado river. The most famous Hoover Dam makes the lake possible. The lake is stocked with Stripe Bass and Largemouth, as well as carp. They are also a pest over there.

A 6am start after a huge dump of snow in the ranges it was a very cold morning. We met our guide at the extremely long boat ramp and he launched his centre console. Now americans are big with everything. It is true. This was a very well kept large centre console fitted out with everything.

We were shown how to use a cast net the american way, caught our live bait. After catching some good shads we were off. We rigged up lines drop and the skipper got the first hit straight away. My self and my buddy were soon to be on.

Our skipper was a mentor and friend of another guide operating nearby whom his clients were a group of wealthy asian businessmen. Unfortinetly with their guide they didnt get a good haul so our skip promised them fish.

In total we hauled around 60 stripers all over 45 cm. We were too busy hauling to measure.

Best 200 I have ever spent, our skipper also had a guarintee 'no fish, no pay'

Anyway if you end up abroad in vegas and want to go fishing I give this guy 5 stars!




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Well done mate that sounds like great fun! I have read a lot about stripers on American forums and have seen a few videos. They can get pretty big can't they?

You should enter this into COTM as I think few raiders would have had the experience of targeting striped bass before!

Awesome day, sounds like you got your money's worth there.

Nice work!

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