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Bellambi Snapper!


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Hi mate, I have only fished out of bellambi once and it was many years ago. If you haven't been there before be aware that the ramp can get a surge in some swell conditions as it is an ocean ramp. It is a little exposed to a nor'easter. I don't have any marks for you sorry but if you have/get the navionics app on your phone, with the sonar charts high resolution contours turned on and zoom in on the coast off bellambi you should notice two things. Firstly there are a lot of reefs and pinnacles close to and around bellambi from the shore and out to about 60m deep and further. Around these reefs there are also sand, hard ground and gravel areas. These won't necessarily be noted on the chart but they should show up as a different density or colour in a good sounder. Secondly, on the navionics chart, make sure you have the community edits layer turned on, when you zoom in on interesting areas you will notice little icons pop up. They might be little fish or dots or anything. If you get the cursor over it and tap the "?" Button it will probably tell you the name the point has been saved as, the depth and possibly what the bottom is made up of. These are points saved and uploaded by people that use the app. You can also navigate to these spots and save your own on the app. I think the updated navionics cards that go in your chart plotter have some community marks as well. 

It is important to remember that the GPS and chart plotter just "get you on the green" and then you need to use your sounder to find and understand the depth,   Bottom and if there are any fish, where they are and if they are scattered or balled up or focussed tight. 

This info pretty much applies to the wholes coast covered by navionics. 

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