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I'm Planning A Jewie Assult!


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G'day guy's,

Now i know that no one wants to give away secret spots, bt i have a fair idea, a mate an myself in a few weeks are going to plan an overnight assault on jewfishes, he has a little sailing boat that you can sleep in and a 8hp on the back , so we were just going to diss the sails and put to our chosen destination and hit its hard, few beers and spend the night in the boat hoping for a jew. We were going to hit up captain cook bridge on a run in tide, i've watched a bloke pull 4 soapies from the same hole that probably everyone knows, but i was wondering about bait and any where else we should be trying, or will have better luck if we anchor up and establish ourselves. We will have fresh/live squid, and we will fish for yakka's or choppers as well, will probably even throw a few SP's around. If anyone wants to pm me exact spots i will trade a known lobster spot in the south of sydney taht i have pulled around 20 lobsters from this season and its still producing!

Any tips will be appreciated!

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