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Hey all,

Took the boat out to run in a new motor - and thought a good chance to try and sound out some new Yakka & Squid spots around the harbour.  Usually I hit up Quarantine Station to grab them but they were VERY scarce last weekend. They weren't there again, so tried a few harbor side spots along Manly Reef beach - again nothing, out to Centurion - nothing. By this time I'd done a few hours on the motor so headed out to try and grab a flatty or two for dinner - only managed a few small ones on the 50 off macquarie light and it was pretty hard going so headed back in. At least the motor is run in now !

Anyone else having issues finding yakkas at the moment ?

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Was out last Wednesday and there were stacks and stacks of yakkas around the fridge, the artificial, long reef- they are just shutting down and going deep as soon as the sun is up , they are being hammered in the harbour by swarms of kings and are a bit gunshy- no shortage at all- often the days its hard to catch bait are because the bait is spending most of its energy on avoiding predators .

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