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Inflatable PFDs

Captain Spanner

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Guys I am about to replace my 4 automatic inflatable PFDs as the 3  years is up and In the past it has been almost more economical to replace than service. I want something comfortable as we need to wear them fishing in the ocean or at night (stupid under 4.8m rule). I think my current ones are "Essential" brand and have been ok. I am not looking for anything fancy, just good quality/value. The ones I have now have the inflatable bit as part of the cover material which I think is much better than the ones that seem to be a ballon that has to be carefully folded up the correct way. 


Any positive or negative (ones to avoid) are much appreciated. I would consider 2 good ones and 2 less fancy but equally functional ones if you think the comfort is worth it. (We even have to jig in these things)

thank you. 

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Mate, I have the Storm Rider PFD's (which I am very happy with.....light, comfortable etc)which used to have a 3 year self servicing period after which you had to have them serviced by a "professional", which as you said got to the stage where it became just as cheap to buy newbies.

However they have just changed their servicing rules, and it is now up to nine years self servicing and then on the 10th year a professional service.......which is so much better.

Have a look at them.


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