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Good boat shop in Sydney


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Install it yourself. I installed mine on a 5.5m Plate Boat was not that hard. Is it a drum winch? What brand? I was quoted about $700 - $900 to get it installed. Took me a the entire day to install and another few hours running around getting the bits and pieces. I was Mr Fussy though and I measured everything 3 times etc. Happy to share know how with you. 

They are not that hard to install. 

If you don't want to do it yourself you should use the crowd that the manufactures of the Winch recommend. 



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Just realized it was you Roberteye with your new Surtees. Same boat I installed mine into. Not hard at all. And the wiring on the Surtees is all beautiful so no drama. Follow the instructions or get a handy mate to help you. SolanoidWinch.jpgWinch.jpg

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