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bar crusher, stessl platetrix , formosa and tabs


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Hi , im just after some advise im looking at replacing my boat with something newer around the 2009 model and was looking for a cuddy or center cab around the 5.5 mark and was considering these brands. I have found a couple of stessl coat runners and seahawks and wanted to know if they are any good and what the build quality is like comparing the other boats that i mentioned below.. 


Bar crusher 530/560 cuddy

formosa southerner or ocean series

formosa 5.5 cuddy

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Pretty broad question, I'm not a huge fan of them myself but from what Ive seen the Bar crusher would be in front for build quality and ride comfort.Use to love the formosa but since comparing them to similar cost boats they don't deliver on ride quality or options. Wasn't that era of stessl a pressed hull, if so no comparison to a platey. Budget will dictate what boat you float away with. Are you looking for hull only or hull and engine?

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im looking for hull and engine and wanted to stick to around 30k mark but may be able to stretch it for the right boat . as for the question about them being pressed i'm pritty sure there plate range were plate 

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