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Daiwa Aird X 2500SH


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I'm thinking of having a change and going from shimano to daiwa and

am liking these Daiwa Aird X as they look a good reel for the money so

if you have one how long have you had it and what do you think about

it .

will be replacing my stradic fi x 5

cheers TAC

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their all just about warn out I have been using them on a weekly basis for 8-9 years

or do you mean the new Stradic FK if so it is a pos well the 5000 I bought is , only took

me a couple a months to save up enough for a bio master 5000 SWPG and it leaves

the stradic for dead .

EDIT ..... haha I just realized yep the one in my avatar hmmmm I will have to change that .

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probably worn bearings- send it off to Shimano and get it serviced- will come up like new. Mate of mine runs a tackle store and whilst Diawa gear is good his biggest gripe is their lack of aftersales service - and as a shop owner that gets him offside with the customers. I have mainly shimano gear but also some Diawa-they are all good but as far as I am aware the Aird is a price point well below the Stradic. Like all thinks you get what you pay for.

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