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hot Asian style slimy mackeral

Mongrel baker

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ok guys heres a good recipe i mocked up which is "bloody delicious" as my dad says. he was a bit hesitant about eating slimey. but heres my recipe for a nice tasting dinner.

what you'll need:

a big slimy mackeral (bled instantly and put on ice) (if you have a small one like what mine was you can eat the bones)

olive oil

salt/chilli grinder

soy sauce

a barbeque


1) when back at the boatramp with the bled slimey go along and clean it. (the blood line you can leave in as it tastes a little bit stronger but just as good as the fish)

2) with your fish at home, take of ice or out of the fridge, dry off with paper towel. pour a bit of soy sauce in the bottom of a curve sided plate. make sure the bottom is covered. add the chilli and salt to the soy and mix together

3) heat up barbeque and pour a bit of oil on the plate.

4) cook the mackerel on one side for a minute or so. flip over and cook for a couple of seconds on the other side.

5) serve up and eat.

please note: i havent cooked slimey in a while so if something needs changing please forgive me. but overall experiment with the recipe

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so they know they can eat the bones
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