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Freshwater fly fishing in/near Sydney?


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Hey folks,

Just passed my driving test and I'm getting my trout gear sent over from the UK in the next few weeks. I want to start exploring further afield, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend the closest areas for fresh water fly fishing in/just outside of Sydney? (Also have space for a passenger if anyone fancied a day out) Just out of curio too, has anyone had luck on native freshwater species on the fly? Do you think bass, yellow belly or cod would take flies?



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Hi Adam all those fish you have mention take flies . I salt water fly fish now for bream , flathead , mullet, and other salt water fish in the Sydney water ways . Fresh water fishing also can be done close to Sydney but outside Sydney towards  Lithgow you get trout great trout steams out that way there are so many great dams to fish . hope I have helped you .


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Within 3 hours drive:

Coxs, Fish, Duckmaloi rivers for trout

lake Lyell, Wallace, Oberon or Thompson creek dam for trout

Colo or Hawkesbury rivers for bass. Basically any creek that flows into saltwater should hold bass.

bass love flies, especially big bushy ones, and are an easy catch. Yellowbelly and cod will take fly but will require more travel for any consistency.

generally, saltwater flyfishing around Sydney is much more rewarding then freshwater.




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