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Port hacking monday 21/12


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Haven't been out for a little while but manage to get out with the boys at 5.30. 

Fished mainly around lilli pilli. Nothing decent for 5 hours. Got a handful of Taylor's and over 40 under size red!! There were about 5 boats around the area. But don't seem to be catching anything. Around 9am the line started peeling. Sure it wasn't a kingie lol. Came up a 38cm trevally. Another half hour later.  Got tap tap.. thought a landed a flattie.. as it didn't show much of aggression but up it came!! A 42cm Jewie!! Damn its

small!! Toss it back and finished at 11. Seems slow still.


also while I'm here. Anyone heading to the Gold Coast during Christmas? Or know any member that's from the area? Or charter. Would be inter dyed in a day fishing.





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