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Christmas Fish

blackfish angler

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9 hours ago, Mike89 said:

The whiting looks like a nice specimen!

Some good fish there.

Might try that park some time soon!

On the top of the tide its not a bad place to fish and great seating if you want to have some thing to eat and it is near Birkenhead Shopping Centre so you can get a drink or food .That's why I love living in Drummoyne so many good placers to fish .If you fish were the lady is sitting and fish towards the boats in the photo in is known for its big bream .


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3 hours ago, blackfish angler said:

One side is sandy and low good for flatties-whiting-taylor. the other side is deeper and good for bream .

Yeah, there are certainly some good spots around that neck of the woods!

This one though I hadn't heard of, so thanks for the heads-up on that! I'd love to go for a nice bream session soon.

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