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Boxing day luderick from vaucluse rocks.

Guest hawkesbass

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Guest hawkesbass

Had a nice early start chasing the luderick from the stones.

Royce and i were on the rocks at 5 30 am too beat the predicted strong nor easter wind.

Quick bit of berly kicked in too get the action started.

Royce got the first down and fish on the deck in under ten minutes.

I missed a fish on the first drift before landing a fish on my third drift.

Royce got the next couple out before i chimed in again.

By 9am we both got our bag limit of ten fish each as the wind picked up.

We fished for another hour upgrading the fish in the bag as we went.

All up i pulled the hooks on five fish,had two bite offs and many missed downs.

Royce had simillar numbers in pulled hooks.

Cheers trevor.



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well done boys

Went myself this morning near Bondi.

hard to fish early due to swell. Blackies around. Bagged out after 3 hr session.

All solid fish 40cm and up.all taken on the weed. Sorry no photos unless someone is interested in looking at fillets.


Cheers Cossie.

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