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Keep on Jigging


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Went out a bit later than usual and boy was it busy out there. Launched from Port Kembla and saw the big cruise ship come in so gave them a wave and warm welcome to Paradise. Then we started jigging. We jigged and jigged and jigged. Jigged over here and jigged over there. Tried jigging with this lure and that lure and tried different jigging styles. Was a lot of jigging before a Salmon was hooked up, then a big Tailor and then finally a King, but too small, another King but too small. More jigging and we got a keeper, 69cm yee haa!! Then we got another good one but he was very cunning and he shot under the boat and used the Electric Anchor to his advantage and left me with a mess to sort out. 

Good day but christ was it slow. Something going on, seemed like they were full or just not on the chew, maybe all the boat traffic put them away? We could see fish on the sounder but they were not grabbing the Jigs and when we put down a live Squid which conveniently came to the boat it was smashed in no time but no hook up. 

More fishing mystery. 

Great day to be on the water. NSW SC = Paradise. 




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Sounds like a top day out on the water despite the slow start.

Just read another report from Sydney Harbour with a similar story: plenty of fish on the sounder but none taking what was offered.

At least you bagged one nice king!

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We got a heap of fish that same day out at port.  Live yakkas were the key.  we kept running out.  we would load up with 10-15 livies and then have to head back and get more every half hour or so.  Only ended up with 3 keepers among the rats but the baits were only lasting a matter of minutes each time.

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