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Gday all, HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM... Who loves their prawns wether farmed or wild? Who loves to go prawning?

What would happen if this suddenly stops, being unable to get Australian Produce and unable to go prawning?

  Today i found this in a kilo bag of tweed Bait plus another 15. If you dont know what it is then we are all in trouble and by the look of things it may have begun. It is white spot. Have already contacted bio security QLD and NSW FISHERIES and Tweed Bait.

 It has been introduced through imported prawns that are being used as bait has affected prawn farms in QLD, wild stock in Rivers and now appears to be in NSW as these prawns come from the Clarence and Macleay.

 So please if you open a packet of tweed prawns and find one as in photo contact all of above ASAP.

 DO NOT USE IMPORTED PRAWNS AS BAIT, THIS IS THE RESULT.                                                    


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