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Low stretch mono

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I recently started using 3 and 6kg platypus low stretch mono on my spinning reels. Caught salmon, tailor, rat kings and bonito so far.

i must say I'm impressed with it. The diameter of the line I was concerned with but it's ok (not as good as braid I'll admit). Also it is a bit harder to impart motion to the lures but my rods have really stiff tips which is an absolute must if using mono. It's also a lot better on my wallet, lots cheaper than braid and don't have to fork out for expensive Fluoro either (which means less leader spools taking space in my tackle box). Then there is the benefit of not getting those annoying, occasional light braid wind knots. Also, the small bit of stretch gives me the confidence to give the fish a bit more stick without fear of pulling the hooks. 

My largest spinning reel has 20lbs braid I wouldn't swap this reel out for mono I think the diameter for 9kg mono is around .4mm which is far too large IMO. 

Anyone else using stiff mono when spinning? Any good brands you can recommend? What line classes are you using?



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