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Ross River Fever/Virus


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As the holiday season is well underway, I thought that I would urge those of us who are unaware of Mosquito borne viruses to take good care. I was bitten by a mosquito several years ago while on holidays at Forster. Some people recover well, others do not. I ended up with Post Viral Syndrome/Chronic Fatigue problems. It come and goes, but this year has been particularly bad, resulting in very little fishing being done, because of low energy levels. I have had all the tests, seen specialists etc. stress tests, angiograms, the lot. Pyhsically, I am a healthy 76 year old bloke, but my energy levels are ratshit. I think about getting out to the ledges after some Luderick or Drummer, or taking my flyrod over to the sandflats, but being tired all the time means that I never get around to it.

Please, no expressions of sympathy etc. I simply want you all to learn what you can about the risks that mosquitoes pose to you and your loved ones and take the necessary precautions. This is a good place to start;http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/factsheets/Pages/ross-river-fever.aspx

BTW. I also know of a case of Barmah Forest Virus at Tuncurry, and of a Dentist up there who had to give up his practice because he contracted Lyme Disease from a tick that dropped on him when he was pushing through a bit of scrub on his property to launch his kayak. Please learn what you can and take good care.

Happy New Year Raiders.

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Very good point. With the weather seemingly more humid & warmer no doubt these Mossie viruses
are going to be on the increase.

I contracted Barmah Forest virus in Iluka a few years back. It took months for the docs to work out why my wrist & knee was swelling up so much. I still suffer from it from time to time now. I can tell you that it is not pleasant at all!

With many raiders heading north on their holidays it's a good reminder to take care at dawn & dusk & where mossies are thick.

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I contracted Ross River Virus some years ago at Mungo Brush.

It kept me down for 6 months. Eventually I just took the time to spend 2 weeks in bed and I recovered with no relapses. I also picked up malaria whilst teaching in PNG so I am wary of mossies. Good repellant, cover up as much skin as you can and be especially careful at dawn and dusk.

As for ticks: The researchers are telling us that Lyme's disease does not exist in Australia. A lot of argument going on over that as a number of people have developed Lymes disease symptoms so maybe a local strain of the disease is around. 

However another big issue with tick bite, and one that is growing, is that more and more people are developing a serious allergy to red meat following tick bite. A friend of mine has and it's so serious, he has been hospitalised a number of times with anaphylaxis.

The best way to remove them is with one of those wart freeze products. Squeezing them with tweezers etc only adds more toxins to your body.

Gotta love this country!




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