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The Incredible Hull

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Took the family down to Windang on the morning of new years eve. Had a great time, kids playing in the water, BBQ and beers with a few mates.

It was time to head home and retrieve the boat. It was low tide maybe around 5pm I think and that Windang ramp is not the best of ramps. At low tide, the cement ramp doesn't go all the way down, which means the trailer is not submerged in water. Need to dry winch it up and with the strong current from the channel, its a tricky task.

Luckily there were 2-3 very nice people at the ramp (not sure if they were locals), gave me a hand. We tied a rope to the back of the boat, pulling the back against the current to straighten it up to the trailer. I was on winch duty and the other gentleman was helping with getting the nose straight onto the rollers.

Could not have done it without you guys, whomever you are, my family thanks you so much and hope you have a great new year!


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