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Sydney rodeo open


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Saddle up boys the Bulls are back in town

In 130 m off botany today 


lost a big blue marlin just inside 12 mile also in 23.4 after an hour battle popped hooks but he was not even close and too good !

almost spooled us on first run before lines even cleared

water is purple blue



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Nice-we got out in the arvo-tracked up to the 9 mile, 12 mile for not much- saw some bait on the surface at the 12 so stayed for the tide change but saw nothing. Trolled down to the peak and on our way back north from their hooked a nice black but couldnt stay connected- seemed a bit surreal hooking a marlin at 645 in the evening- so we stayed till dark.Nothing more after that- heaps more life in the 50 fathom area - will try agin on Thursday.

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