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South coast kings


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Just a heads up for anyone heading down to Narooma or Bermagui. The kings have been firing pretty good around Montague with rats in the 55cm just about everywhere. Finding the bigger fish that are also out there is a bit tougher but every now and then you see every boat loaded up into 70-75cm fish.

Without going into it to much we are seeing plenty of bigger fish around the 1m size among the rats which don't be responding to lure or bait. These bigger fish have been following my flashers ( teaser) but not taking anything I drop infront of them. By the way I know these fish are there as my daughter has been down there with them.


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1 hour ago, Haysie said:

Hi Jon,


Good heads up, we are heading down to Batemans Bay on Wednesday and might make the trip down to Narooma to give Montague a go.


Monty fired up today with charter boats getting some solid fish well over the 1m. The forecast looks good for Wednesday so I dare say it will be busy out there, I will most likely be there in our little rib or on a camcraft.


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