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Recreational Fishing Fee


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Hi all,

I  hope this dose not turn political but the misses received her license renewal last night in the mail the fees are as follows 1 year $35.00 and 3 year $85.00.

Am I the only person out there thinking it is a waste of money and just a way to sting us for a bit more coin for the government.

Were I fish on the central coast all the ramps/wharfs are still the same nothing has been touched no new equipment everything Is the same.


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I for one have never minded paying for a licence to fish. Now I am a pensioner I don't need to pay but even many many years ago when you didn't need a licence to fish salt water and there was a fresh water fee I always paid and never minded it at all.

The money does go for the benefit of fishing and in this day of living you pay for everything, geeze you even gotta have and pay for a dog/cat licence.

Councils are responsible for upkeep of ramps etc.



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