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Trailer Parking, lack of council info


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Not sure if I should be posting this here or in The Bar.

I'm borrowing a boat from the 16th of Jan to the 25th from a friend, who's travelling overseas during that time. However, we have no space in yards or driveways to store the boat and trailer.

Is anyone aware of the rulings for roadside parking of trailers in the Penrith City Council region?



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Hi Wellzy

I think this might be the information that you are looking for


for the time that  you're going to have the boat parked on the street it wont be of concern UNLESS the trailer and the boat are over 7.5m in length. Then you are only permitted to have it on the street for 1 hour.  If it is under 7.5m dont leave it attached to the car as then the total length will exceed 7.5m .

  If it just parked in a suburban street away from a boat ramp I dont think that you will have a problem





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