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Beachworms at currarong/calalla?


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Hi guys, i have been stuck for a little while in finding beach worms around currarong or the calalla bay/beach area. 

I have tried locating worms from kinghorn point south all the way to the start of the sanctuary zone and have come away for 4 worms (i only saw those 4). I have also tried worming in calalla bay around the creek opening but i have not raised any worms there.


If anyone can offer a hand with some likley spots i would appreciate it. 


PS: Likewise for any areas to pump yabbies fairly close. 



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Thanks for the replies, guys,  the beach in front of Lake Wollumboola did the trick, there are plenty of worms there so thanks Green Hornet!


Marks, any chance you can be a bit more specific where the sandbanks are in the shoalhaven are for yabbies?





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