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Black Saturday


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Hey guys fished out of bellambi yesterday on a mates boat, towed lures all day, headed north towards the hacking headinngnout towards the 75-80 fathom line, no birds, no bait, absolutely perfect weather. But no action. 

Turned south and trolled between 75-80 fathom line with water temps around the 23.5° and still zip. No birds, no bait, then POP and  BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ off goes the short rigger! Cleared the decks and a 20 minute fight with an estimated 80kg black Marlin, had it boatside and tagged, couple of happy snaps and let it go to live in and fight another day. 

So stoked to have landed my first Marlin on my third ever trip.

tight lines ✌?️


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