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Anyone Fished the Botany Bay Ramp?


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I'm just looking around for some new spots at the moment and was wondering if anyone had fished the Botany Bay boat ramp near the airport. Was it any good?

Having said that, would it be better to fish the boat ramp or the Cooks River entrance?


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I assume you are fishing land based? 

I'm usually hanging around the Cooks River a couple of times a week and some weekends. It really is a cracking river with a lot to offer in terms of Bream, Flathead and Trevally. If Jewies are your thing, you can defo chance a few. I pulled a 42cm mullet out the other week, that was fun of 3lb braid! (foul hooked it in the back with my SP... lol).

I'd suggest two places to try:


1- The breakwall

This spot gets real crowded and people leave their shit (line, rubbish, piss...) lying around everywhere, so I rarely go here now, but the fishing can be pretty good! I've seen kingies, salmon, trevally and some nice flatties caught here. Best bet is to go during the week, early morning, and work up and down the breakwall with SPs. 

If you fish bait, get some live prawns, pillies and worms if you can (tackle shop is like 5 mins down the road, they should be able to set you up). Have a heavy set-up (say 20lbs braid and 20lbs leader) fishing a 1/0 circle hook with a small shot straight to the hook, under a float! Should be good fun! 

A lighter set-up would be good for the bream/flatties/whiting that hang around on the beach side of the breakwall.


2- Down River

Now, you can make your way down from the Breakwall, and fish past the boat ramp, all the way along to behind the hocky courts.

You can also make your way to the Tempe recreational reserve and fish down that way, some big Bream to be had! 


Happy hunting!

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Well I see people fishing there sometimes, but it just has never really produced for me. It's noisy there at the best of times, and I think the activity is a major turn-off. 

I'd also suggest making your way down south to the beach near the bridge (past Dolls Point). You can wade out at low tide and get some nice fish in the gutters!

If you fish SPs, don't mind moving around a bit and are chasing some Bream/Flathead then we can meet at Tempe or Wolli Creek station and I can show you my local haunts ;)

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Hi BrassRoots, 

Like StinkyDonut, I also enjoy the Cooks and have pulled some decent bream from there. Try either the boat ramp at Kymeeagh or my other fav spot is behind the Concordia Club at Tempe. I haven't mastered the SP's yet, but usually use chicken breast as bait or the occasional prawn. 

If you're ever up for some company, let me know.



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Used to some nice bream/tailor and mullet just to the left of kymeeagh boat ramp. Haven't been there recently so I don't know how good it is. 

Futher up river is pretty good too. Right next to st George stadium near the bridge. 

Sand side of the break wall looks ok too. Try live nippers there. 


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