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Fishers in the eastern suburbs


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Hey everyone,

nice to meet you, my names Keirnan and I'm new to fishraider and I'm looking to get into fishing in Sydney's eastern suburbs since I'm lucky enough to live near Maroubra.

I used to fish heaps when I was kid but alas I'm a bit out of practice, I was just wondering If any goes regularly or semi regularly, any day except Saturdays. I've got all my gear ready to go, and I'm confident around the water, I'm just not too keen to go rock fishing alone.  (I'm happy to catch anything, I was aiming for squid though) 


Look forward to hearing from you , and also if anyone has any tips about where to go in and around the eastern suburbs that would be much appreciated!


thanks heaps :)

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Tarwhine can be caught from Little Bay beach at night on a rising tide 2 hours before high tide til 2 hours after high tide on prawn.

5kg line,small ball sinker running to a small swivel ,1 meter trace of same line to a number 2 Suicide hook.

This beach used to be fished / netted professionally back in the days of past for Whiting.

Bondi Beach in the rips,same rig as above for whiting and bream

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