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The power of the sea !!!!


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On our last trip to oz we were staying at Collaroy and just missed that easterly storm that damaged the Collaroy Beach Club and some coastal properties around there.  Loved that balcony at the club overlooking the beach. Is it open for business again.  Due back  in 3 weeks time so will be gracing its doors again.:D

Just had a storm surge here in the UK 13 Jan 2017. Unfortunately the spring tide coincided with a strong northerly blow which resulted in a fierce "storm surge".  It only affected the east coast of England with sea defences being overtopped in a few places.  As far as I can tell there was no loss of life on this occasion.  It was an awesome event to witness.  Will add a couple of photos I took at Whitley Bay and cullercoats here on the north east coast of England.


http://IMG_7933 prc.jpg

http://IMG_7915 prc.jpg




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1 hour ago, Raymondo said:

Nice pics, looks bloody cold.

Whitley Bay sea temperatures peak in the range 13 to 17°C (55 to 63°F) on around the 13th of August and are at their coldest on about the 21st of February, in the range 4 to 8°C (39 to 46°F).  Most of us pomms have a crazy streak in us.  By tradition here in Whitley Bay a lot of us have a traditional New Years Day swim in the sea.  Snow or ice on the beach will not stop us :D



This is Cullercoats Bay on a more tranquil day.



A Whitley Bay sunrise at low water




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Although we have a house here in Whitley Bay we also have a static caravan on the Mull of Galloway on the south western tip of Scotland.  Its on the edge of the village of Drummore and has a westerly aspect overlooking Luce Bay.  Being happily retired we spend large chunks of the UK summer there as its a lovely part of Scotland and the fishing is quite good.

We do not escape the occasion severe weather event here either.  In October 2014 we were hit there by the tail end of Hurricane Gonzales.  I took the picture from our caravan veranda.  Pleased to say our caravan is well chained down into huge blocks of concrete :D


Normally Luce Bay is more tranquil than this !!!!





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On 17/01/2017 at 11:20 PM, fragmeister said:

As usual John some great photos.





Cheers Jim,as you probably know photography is one of my hobbies :D  We fly to 2 oz 2 weeks tomorrow so would be nice to meet up with some of you fishos.  Will be based at our daughters in MacPherson St,Warriewood. 

Anyone wnt to take this wrinkley auld pommy out on a fishing trip well up for that :D


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