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Nambucca River


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Hi Raiders,

Staying at a caravan park at mouth of Nambucca River. Intend to fish the 12 midnight high tide tonight landbased. I have some slapstix and other sps, hard bodies, yakka (fresh but not live). Any tips for fishing this area would be greatly appreciated. 

I may have the use of a kayak tomorrow morning too so if there are some productive spots near the mouth, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,


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fish the ocean half of the wall on your high tide may be a little hit and miss though this time of year

on the kayak head upriver across from the RSL the far side of the sandspit there is a small gutter cast poppers and plastics around the weedbeds

the river along the roadside of wellington drive can also produce well from a kayak although you will need your A game as the fish are flighty especially over the holiday period

best advice if you are able take the kayak out to the highway just past the southern turnoff and launch where the houseboats are moored fishing the sandspit at the mouth of Teague Creek and off the end of Stuart Island (golf club) for flatties, bream and whiting

good luck



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Hi Dave, luderick-angler,

Thanks for sharing your local knowledge of the Nambucca area. Firstly, what an absolutely beautiful part of the world you live in! 

I managed a late arvo paddle riverside with my son and we were blessed with the company of a pair of dolphins at the V with the setting sun and beach as a backdrop. The dolphins were not more than a few metres away much to our delight. After an encounter like that, catching a fish was only going to be a bonus. We went about a km upstream, past the emergency rescue shed but low tide meant we were bottoming out the yak and dragging it through the flats. Caught a few yakkas which took my bream hardbodies but not much else was biting except the mossies.

We fished the wall at the V ocean side at high tide with sps. A kingfish which must a vecbeen about 75cm was swimming back and forth along the wall Te a single all the fisher,an but not taking anyone's line and ignoring our unweighted white Slapstix. If only I had some squid!

Anyway, it was a beautiful evening and a lovely location to drop a line although we didn't catch anything. We have some great memories of the dolphins breaching nearby our kayak whenever we think of Nambucca.




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