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Lurline Bay Exploration - no fish


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So went to Lurline Bay in Sydney's east the other day (11th of Jan) because it caught my attention while looking through google maps.

I went on a rising tide during a full moon with a 1m NE swell and I have to say, it was a pretty calm day but it definitely showed me that I don't have much rock experience at all as it still had my nerves on edge. I can say with certainty that I will probably be sticking with my nice comfortable Gordons Bay but will also probably look for some other safe rock options. 

From what I could gather there are basically 3 main spots:

1 - The concrete shelf. This is where I fished and offers a nice flat area but in front of the ledge is basically large barren boulders. The dude next to me was burleying HARD and only managed 3 small trevalley in the couple hours I was there. It also has a lot of black slime so be careful here. 


2 - Southern rocks. These look to be about 3 - 5m above the water level so be prepared with a cliff gaff or whatever.


3 - Northern rocks. The dude I was fishing next to said that the 2 - 3m cliffs on the northern side see some good action from jews and pelagics but not regularly enough to make it a good spot.


I've also read on other forums that inside the bay can be a good spot for large calamari.

The spot seems very popular with ISO fisherman though as there were a bunch there when I was there. So probably good for you luderick and trevally etc.

I did not have any luck. I have a vid here of the day if you're interested in seeing what it looks like. On google maps there is also a good 360 degree photo someone has put up of the bay.



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