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Hawkesbury Weekend Out


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Hi Raiders,

Just got back from a weekend away on the hawkesbury.

Headed out from the Marina on Friday night so we could start bright and early Saturday morning.

We dropped anchor around dangar island to brave the southerly as it was predicted to hit around 9ish and hang around most of Saturday which would have made it difficult for my mate to get his boat out of the marina.

Anyway Saturday morning after breakfast, we fished various places around Dangar Island, the Rail bridge and then mullet creek which have been reliable for us in the past for a donut.

The weather had improved by now so we ventured out to Little Patonga & managed a couple of bream around 30-35 cms and I landed a flattie on a soft vibe lure which was a first for me, at this stage it was getting close to dinner time so we upped anchor and headed into pittwater, grabbed a mooring and I cleaned the fish and we had a feed of bream flattie & bbq and a few beers then off to bed as we did not get much sleep the night before.

Sunday morning after breakfast we decided to go for a cruise around pittwater, what a nice place would like to fish it one of these days but we had all had enough of fishing and just took in the scenery and eventually headed back to mullett creek for lunch then back to the marina to clean the boat and head home.

here's a couple of photos of the scenery but sorry raiders no fish photos.

Anyway Raiders, tight lines, lets hope things start to pick up now as fishing in general for me has been a little slow but not complaining as this weekend away was very much needed as I have not stopped since September last year.











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On Monday, January 23, 2017 at 8:18 AM, beatsworking said:

Pittwater and Hawkesbury are indeed a beautiful waterway.  I don't recognise that photo though...  Where is that?  It looks more like NZ west coast.

You're right, definitely in the hawkesbury pittwater area just can't remember exactly where never been to NZ but it's on my long list of things to do

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