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Gear for kingies


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Hey fellas!

Im heading to hat head this weekend for some time on a boat (ive been stinging for it)


I havent had a lot if experience with boat fishing and looking for advice from you guys


I have a 10-15kg rod with abu garcia promax 6k reel spooled with 20lb braid.


I have 50lb leader and also 20lb leader, i "think" im ok in this department but im looking for advice on what lures to use and if u can send me links of some you suggest if its alright. I would highly appreciate it.


We are primarily targetting kingfish and other pelagic, most probably doing some bottom fishing to for snapper and such


I want to use jigs and lures to get more experienced etc

Any info would be highly appreciated, the more info i can learn before i go the better my chances are :)

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Depends on the size of the kings and what ground they are over. My daughter landed hundreds of kings over the last few years on light gear while I was using much heavier and getting smashed. The more pressure you put on a decent king the harder they fight back in many cases, which is why my daughters light approach has worked so well for her.


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Do you know how deep you're going to be fishing? If the current is up and the fish are holding down low you might need some heavier jigs.

Also don't be afraid of using the jigs when you're targeting the snapper

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I chase them on 20lb braid and 17lb Flouro Carbon Leader. The lighter you go the better your hook up. Now and again I get smoked proper, but average size of Kings we land is 65cm - 80cm. You can go light providing you can lead the fish over sand and know how to lead a fish away from structure and then start the fight. If you are going to be fishing over reef with no option to get to sand or you want to rip into it you will need stopping power. 50lb braid and 60lb leader. 

I like the thrill of having line peel off and being able to do bugger all about it except wait for your turn. I also prefer to jig plastics as much cheaper than all those beautiful jigs you have. 


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Picked up a Anu garcia Veritas combo  (from a mate brand new) its a 6-10kg rod at 7ft and has a s40 reel. 

Would u say this rod would be decent enough to catch kingies around legal size? Or even for some bonito and snapper.


Thanks for all the input guys appreciate it

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Rod will be fine. At times I chase them on bream gear with 4lb braid and 10lb leader and manage to land enough of them that given some working room I am pretty confident of landing them. As JonD said above you can play them lightly and take your time and they don't go insane and try and reef you. Biggest landed so far on that gear was the 70cm specimen in my profile photo.

My other go to is a Raider Snapper 762 with 4000 Stradic and either 10 or 15lb braided line. Lets me cast lures a reasonable distance and it is stiff enough for me to be able to give the larger plastics a really good darting action. Landed every King I have hooked so far this January but as that is only 4 rats so far (3 shore based) you can make your own call. :D

Just need to have a smooth drag and remember to back the drag off at the end of the day when putting it away.

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