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Sydney Harbour


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Hi all, need some advice.

Kids want to go out in the Harbour this Sunday.

4.6mtr tinny, 50hp tiller steer. 

They want to chase squid and kings.

I'm happy to flick lures for bream.

I have no idea where to launch the boat from,  nor where to go.

All/any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi Derek, I'm coming in from the south west, Bankstown.  

Where ever is the easiest  place to launch the boat from and close proximity to the fishing is what I'm after. In saying that though, I don't really mind how far I have to go. 

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I'll put together additional information at lunch time today but suggest you put Sydney Harbour aside for the time being and if you don't mind a little bit longer drive launch from Roseville Ramp and fish middle harbour. No matter which way the wind is going you will find a protected area to fish, there is less large boat traffic (less big wakes), there are plenty of bays to fish and empty moorings to tie off. With the exception of the spit bridge opening it is an enclosed waterway.

Middle harbour has in the past warmed up quicker than Sydney harbour and we have done pretty well with the kings earlier in the summer season (yes I know they can be caught all year round but I am talking about the schools feeding on the surface). There are plenty of areas for squid (just work the foreshores where you see seaweed). There are plenty of areas you can flick for bream.

If you get the chance look at a map for the area and maybe print one off for reference. Some people get a little lost in the area the first few times.

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The road down to Roseville ramp is on the Killarney Heights side of Roseville bridge. It is a good facility with plenty of parking but costs about $8 per day. I use Cammeray but you have to get in a stupid o'clock to get a reasonable parking spot. Be warned that it is a little hairy leaving the area as the traffic is doing about 80kmh over Roseville bridge and you will be merging from a standing start.

Some other reasons for suggesting Middle harbour. You can motor up to the Roseville Marina and there is a café and toilets there. You can stop off at Clontarf or Spit Marinas if you need petrol. You can head up river under the Roseville bridge past the mangroves for something different. Plenty of areas to fish - look up Bantry Bay, Sugerloaf bay, Northbridge, Quakers hat bay. If you don't get hits pretty quickly on the baits then shift location. You can pop out underneath the Spit bridge and fish the two bays to the left towards Clontarf marina. Pretty deep water at this point so takes a little while to get your baits down.

BTW I have a little trouble getting my boat on the trailer at dead low tide at both Roseville and Cammeray as my back roller ends up about 15cm above the waterline so I time my returns so they are two hours outside dead low. Just something to be aware of.

Hope you all have a fun and safe day and looking forward to hearing your report.

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