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Night trolling for tailor


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Hi All,

Went out last night with my brother, his son and my son.

Headed off from Akuna Bay at around 7pm and headed past Flint and Steel and put out some lures for twilight hoping for a tailor or two. It was dead flat, hardly any wind. First catch was a sergeant baker which is a first for me on a lure.


No tailor were caught until fully dark when we caught 6 and kept 4. It was strange trolling in the total dark trying to keep out of the way of crab and lobster bouys but the fish were biting so we kept at it. All where in the 30-40cm range. 

Has anyone else had any luck doing this? I might have to give it another crack next time it's so flat. 


When it went quiet we went back to Jerusalem Bay passing Flint and Steel (must of had 15 boats there - any reports raiders?) and tried some bait fishing. 

Caught 6 baby jews and lost two big fish that bit through the leader. Could have been a shark as we saw a baby hammerhead at the back of the boat later.


Finished up at about 1am with sons exhausted and very happy which it's all about. 

Happy Australia Day. 


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When I was young we used to go down to Rushcutters Bay at night off the wall near the park and spin for Tailor at high tide.

The Tailor were attracted to the lights from the mariner there and yes we got fish.

Times have changed since then and due to it being close to Kings Cross I would becareful fishing there at night time,dont go there alone or you may end up being mugged.


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I had a few hours at short notice on Friday night so I thought I would give the night trolling a go again. 

Got out to Lion Island on dusk solo and started trolling for nothing.

Headed over to Barrenjoey on last light and soon as it was dark got two good tailor and dropped one.

Wind picked up soon after so headed home happy that it worked again.



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