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Water temperature and flathead


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Just enquiring about other members experiences with luring flathead in the hotter months. I have experienced tough times luring in relatively shallow water (1-3 metres) in Botany Bay recently with water temperatures above 25 degrees. I am thinking that this is a bit uncomfortable for them and that they may be holding in deeper, cooler water. What do others think?

Thankfully the blue swimmers don't mind the hot water!

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I chase flathead down in St Georges Basin and start my season in October when the water is around 16 - 17 degrees, fishing over shallow mudflats. Once it rises to around 23 degrees I find the fish start to head for deeper water, anything from 4 - 7 metres works for me.

Mind you The Basin is a lot different to Botany Bay in that The Basin has very little tidal flow and surface temperature readings could mean the temp down deep is totally different to where you're fishing.

Give the deeper water a try and see how you go. Keep a diary and over time you will see patterns begin to form,

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I have had great success during winter when they are up on the shallow flats where the water is a bit warmer. Don't do that much luring for them these days during summer but it would make sense that they hold in water that might suit them a bit better. I think the more likely thing is to find the bait fish. They are never far away from schools of poddy mullet.


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