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A few small blacks around

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Hey all, I got nothing to report myself but I got a report from a customer who got 2 small blacks and a nice Dollie a little while back on our lures around Norah Canyons. He said they hit patch of them and were hooking them up all over the place for around 2 hours, but most of them threw the hooks as marlin do!

I have been hearing a few fishermen are getting marlin up in their spread but they are not taking anything, just looking. If that is the case you can try some of our lures, but make sure you fill them with bait, pillies, squid or stripped tuna, the bait inside might get them striking and not just looking. Go to our website to check them out.


I haven’t been out myself since winter. I’m flat out with work and waiting on my new boat which is taking forever and my current boat is for sale up at Gameboats in Pittwater.


We’ve been doing well overseas selling lures and managed to get our lures in Wal Mart through a distributor! The Yanks seem to love our lures and we are even making inroads in freshwater market in the US. They are trolling our lures for Trout and Salmon in the lakes over there with great success. Australia is still slow for us, but in saying that we have some really good core customers in Australia now who continually purchase lures from us.

We have also developed a really small lure with the standard Scent Blazer concept of putting real bait inside. They are 4.5 inches and the skirts can be cut down to 3.5 inches to make them really small, so they represent a small white bait, small squid or pilchard. We were testing them for about 6 to 12 months and we got Kings, Mack Tuna, Salmon, Tailor, Stripped Tuna and Dolphin Fish. With these lures you put a little bit of bait in the head of the lures. We got rat kings to a bit larger on them every time we trolled them in close off Long Reef.

Anyway, it's all good! Good luck to anyone heading out.





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