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Bagged out at Peacock Pt


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Hi Raiders

The heat has really been knocking me around, working outside, Thursday and Friday were bad!!! I headed  down to the rocks after work to get weed to fish the weekend. i separated the bait from the berley, leaving the bait in newspaper and the berley weed in a plastic bag.

Saturday was out because it the heat, and by Saturday night a strange smell started filling the house. Early this morning I opened the garage and the aroma hit me in the face. The weed was going off in a big way, the bait in the paper wasn't too bad but the berley was putrid. I still used it along with another tray of stinking string, from last week I found in the back of the ute.

All the stinking weed went in the berley mix with immediate results. First drift a good down but missed. Third drift and a decent fish was in the bag. Fish after fish for the next couple of hours. Some throw backs amongst them and the average was low 30s. The fish of the day went 42 on the mat

Now I'm thinking the stinking berley made my baits much more attractive. Try it some time.



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The thing about getting weed from the ocean rocks is the bugs that live in it. The little shrimp things that the blackfish love don't take long to go off, especially in that heat, usually they are only in the cabbage though.Nice fishing.


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Good stuff mate, great to see a full bag of blackies. The bug has got me again and I need to get out there and fish for them.

The cabbage weed does turn pretty pungent pretty quickly if not stored properly. I guess perhaps it helps up to a point!

Well done!

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On 13/02/2017 at 7:01 PM, cossie said:

Nice fish mate

what gear do you use?



Mate I'm currently favouring my Hank Newman 2 wrap rod matched with a 4 inch Trudex spooled with 12lb and Nitlon 6lb Fluro leader

I was using an Alvey 475 and copping it from the boys for not using a reel pin.


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