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Fishing Avoca beach


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Hi fishraiders , never been to avoca before but heading there soon. I don't have cleats and i don't wanna get washed in so could i fish from the beach or do i have to be on the rocks? Going after jewies, salmon, tailor and flathead and i have a nice 12' surf rod o casting is no problem. any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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Hi mate,

Yes, you can definitely fish the beach. 

The deeper holes are usually around the mouth and either side of the lake entrance. The lake is unlikely to be open to the sea at the moment though.

Jews are usually only around when the lake gets opened but you can regularly get bream, flathead, salmon and tailor. 

The southern end near the flags and rock pool is usually too shallow and rarely fishes well. 

Between the lake and the northern end also gets good holes but gets shallow again at the northern end near the rocks. 

Good luck. 

Ps. It's refreshing to hear that you won't be tempted to go off the rocks without cleats as I've seen heaps of people go over there. 

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