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Poddies in Middle Harbour


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Have recently gotten right back into fishing after 5-10 years of inactivity.
Great reading on here, some useful info :)
Quick question for Northern Beaches raiders.
Any recommended spots for catching poddy mullet in traps apart from Narrabeen Lagoon?
Anywhere around Middle Harbour?
I've been quite disappointed with results from fishing the area recently but have mainly been using store bought frozen bait, so keen to give it a good go with livies before summer ends.
I live near Manly though, so Narrabeen is a bit of a mission, especially when there is traffic.
Any suggestions?
Tried the sand flats at Clontarf a few weeks ago but the mullet were too small.
Have heard upstream from Roseville bridge can be good. Anywhere else?
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removed mention of manly lagoon to make a new post about it instead
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22 minutes ago, macman said:

The sand flats at Clontarf have plenty of poddies. If you are looking for Middle Harbour spot.

Yeah i tried there a few weeks ago, but literally none over 5cm.
Maybe it was just an off day.
Tempted to try the shallower sandy banks on either side of the Spit itself also, I'm sure there would be some there at times.


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