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North Clovelly Point

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North Clovelly Point produces good surface fish.

Best times are sunrise and sunset or overcast days.

Best times are 2 hours before and 2 hours after high tide but if its overcast you can spin any tides.

This location also produces Blackfish.

It is recommended you fish in the green circled area somewhere.

This location requires you to wear rock cleats on your shoes and a life jacket and suitable light fishing clothing,so if you do go in you are not weighted down by your clothing.

This area is exposed to all swells and caution should be used when fishing here,watch the area for 30 min prior to fishing it.

Can be fished without concern of waves or swell on calm days.

This info is only for Spinning for surface fish and Blackfishing.





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I caught 5 blackfish in the wash at the southern entrance to the Clovelly baths one rainy, cold day about the middle of last year with a rising tide and swell about 2 metres (and wind) from the south. One stoic old boy in the water doing longitudinal laps who swam close to where I was fishing, yelled over to me with some enthusiasm while treading water, "well, I'll be !@#$%^, it's been many a long year since I seen anybody catch blackfish here". Later, when I had finished fishing, I asked someone who worked at the club if fishing was permitted and was told, "only when there's nobody swimming and/or we are not around".

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