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Surf Crabs


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Was down fishing the beach last night at Collaroy/narrabeen and damn crabs were destroying most of my baits. I pulled in a crab with it's body about the size of my palm. I hooked him up and threw him out more from revenge than anything, not expecting it to be any good as bait.

Is it any good? I'm thinkin maybe jewies or sharks could be keen on em. Anyone had any luck or know if their any good???

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I'd be giving them a go Kingy. :thumbup:

Last time I was cleaning a catch at Stockton there was another guy there with a decent sized surf Jew which had quite a few sand crabs in the gut. It looks like the crabs are a staple in a surf Jews diet so why not.

It's strange how hard a fish will hit a crab. You'd think they wouldn't be that great as a bait being hard and all spiky, but I've caught a few bream on soldier crabs and I tell ya, they give them a good crack.



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