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Port kembla Easter blackfish session


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Hit the usual spot today and got 2 for dinner....it wasn't  with out drama though.

I had to swim for bait as the waves and what looked like a  white water rafting course were hiding the weed. One bloke hit the same area but got clear and set up for drummer....brave man i would have  give up after the 1st 10 times the float somersaulted out of the channel but maybe  he knows something that I  clearly dont. Any way after a little  swim i hit a nice weed bed and filled the burley  n bait bucket n swum back to the ledge.....managed to do so with out spilling a drop of coffee.....second thoughts that wasn't the best plan.

I was then off to port for a drift.

The last report i posted teaching a bloke to blackfish. Well this week he made sure he was in my spot which is fine, he was tryingto  blackfish but the rig was terrible ....he  also had two unmanned rods as did  his 4 mates making it not possible for me to  wet a line so i bailed with the shits.hate it when people  takeover a whole area. 20 could  fish there easily.


Hit wollongong  harbour  for zero. Was nice water but just wasnt our day. Tried infront of the small light house. Got some downs in the harbour near the boats  but i suspect  sweep more so than  niggas.


I then decided to  return to  port. The bloke moved over telling me the niggas werent there. I watched him and his rig...he was making too much noise, fishing too heavy and too shallow BUT he told me he googled black fishing so he knows how....anyway i took my chance n withing 10 mins had 2 for dinner. He whipped out his rig but still couldn't land any. Next time ill show him i think. Skilled blackfisherman should be able to fish shoulder to shoulder so might be worth helping him. Might increase my chances of getting a go even if the hog the spot.


On a sidenote i had a small kingy hit my weed after i did a fast retrieve. I was going to hit bottom so i reeled in fast only to see a small kingy chasing my weed before hitting it. It ran a meter before  spitting  it out. The mac seem to like chasing  it also.   


I need to get onto the macs ir frigates  or whatever  they are. They are there but won't take  any lures  or bait i throw at them.


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Bloody keen going for a swim to get bait elf! Good to get a couple for the effort!

I once had a pack of 4 kingpins follow my weed to just off a wall at Hunters Hill, initially I was hoping they'd hit it . . . . Then I thought hmmmm maybe not on blackie gear.

Hooked a salmon once too in similar area.

Think string weed must look like a small baitfish . . . .


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