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Lost a King in Iron Cove

Ocean Addiction

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Got the boat wet twice this week (after 6 weeks off the water due to a back injury).  It has been the longest dry spell we have had and we desperately needed to spend some quality time together. 

The weather on Wednesday was great so decided on a bit of an exploration day which also helped charge up the batteries and blow away some cobwebs.  Got a few good screenshots from the sounder including this little beauty in the harbour. 


Unfortunately, I was playing around with the GPS while I was recording sonar in the background and didn’t even know I had driven over this (twice) until I reviewed the recordings later that night!

Thursday also looked great on the weather front so popped the boat back in to try and find out what was on the sonar the previous day.  Same place, same tide and whatever was there on the previous day had moved on.  Had a bit of a flick with some plastics but nothing wanted to play ball.

Moved back on to my home turf of Iron Cove to flick some plastics around the shallows.  Plenty of small bream were around and many casts were made for not much excitement.

Moved back under Iron Cove bridge where I had earlier seen some bait on the sounder.  It was quiet here as well and the wind was starting to get annoying.  As I was burning my very last cast for the day back in a huge splash appears behind my plastic before around 8 kingfish scoot under the boat. 

The quickest cast in fishing history was made and one of them grabbed the plastic (briefly).  Probably only had him on for a few seconds.  I realised I had little chance of landing it on bream gear under the bridge.  I tried finding them again but couldn’t work out where the school had headed.

This is the second time I have seen a school of kings in Iron Cove this year.  Both times were around the bridge so this must be a bit of a hunting ground for them.



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