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Kids fish


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We've been hitting the inshore headlands as my young lad has suddenly been getting keen on fishing. He normally gets sick but being close to land seems to be his style of fun.

Nothing huge but what they aren't catching in size they are making up for in numbers, also dropping down to 6lb class makes life a little more fun. Some of the bonito were getting attacked by squid so my daughter snagged a couple of those for dinner. Fed a few 15-20g lures to the reefs but thats to be expected with kids flicking lures.

Just to add we were meant to be chasing broadbill yesterday but a triathlon my daughter was entered in meant she had to miss out, first broadbill hooked was a little 50kg model which would of been perfect for her ( the ones after were much bigger). Hopefully next weekend we will chase broadbill.


The new tow vehicle





ok they dont taste good but they are pretty 



The race



First in her class (dont go by the time above her)


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