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Tell me how bad it is - gel coat cracking


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Noticed these cracks last night. :(

Runs down both sides on the outside along the bottom. From about 300mm from the back to about the middle of the boat. 

how bad is it and what is likely to happen if I leave it?

costly repair likely?  

Also noticed a cpl similar cracks on the floor on the inside of the boat which is what prompted me to look underneath  




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It is a bit weird. Usually these are just stress cracks and they inhabit only the top of the gel coat. Bit unusual to see so many running horizontal and close together, definitely looks like it has taken a blow of some sorts. Any marina will have a shipwright and they will take one look and know what to do, if you need to do anything.

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Damn I probably jump in and out of the boat A bunch of times when working on it or cleaning it on the trailer.  And I'm not that light.  Though usually only on the one side.  It's like this on both sides, almost identical. Didn't realise they were that fragile. 

Although I had 6 full grown adults on it once might have been too much for it. 

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On the water is different  than on the trailer.

6 bodies on a boat will make the boat sit lower put shouldn't cause any stress on the hull unless you hit something hard like beach rocks or even the water if you comè off a big swell.

Also looks like one of the rollers is not working or miss aligned as the black mark  this may also have caused it.?

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I had the same on a boat with a 10 year structural warranty, after sending the company photos they told me they were stress fractures from hitting waves or the trailer skids and not their problem. The company even though it had a good reputation has now gone.

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