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DIY Minn Kota foot pedal alternative


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So picked up a V1 power drive reasonably cheap a couple of months back that runs really well. How ever I discovered the foot pedal started to fail in turning left and right. I realised it was the PCB switches that were in my opinion not replaceable. 

After a bit of research I went into Jaycar and grabbed some components and wired up a control unit I can Velcro to my console. I actually prefer this then the foot pedal.

until I can put some pennys away to do the ipilot upgrade it will do for the interim.

i intend on in future upgrading to a V2 control board so I can run ipilot.

my control unit was very basic to build and I was fortunate enough to find a schematic on another forum.

the components I used were...

Shroud, DPDT mom switch (similar to an electric window switch), SPST switch, pot dial and a 1k log pot. 

The control unit circuit only completes the circuit on the main board and was very simple to connect up.

below are some images, cosmetically it's not complete but it works. Still need to tidy the loom and cover the exposed contacts.




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