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Squid techniques


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The most consistent catch since we got the boat has been squid. But not a great amount, generally only a couple each session when we try. Which is great as they are tasty & great bait, so keen to improve our technique.

I've noticed a few things these last few months & wonder if some more experienced Raiders can please comment?
I've read slow is best but noticed that in deeper depths (to 20m), a faster retrieve seems to attract more squid?? They'd often follow sp's & jigs meant for fish, moving very fast, all the way to the boat, ignoring the squid jig already In the water!
In deeper water, we sometimes leave a rod in the holder with a paternoster rig while drifting & this would almost always get arrow squid rather than Calamari? Are Calamari harder to fool & need more action on the jig?
In shallow weed beds, we've caught only Calamari - do Arrow hang out in deeper water only?
Summer months have being mostly Arrow squid & winter mostly Calamari. Yet I've seen several reports recently with Raiders catching Calamari. Are they more active at different times of the year? Or have I been unlucky?
Or perhaps it's all about the action, or colour, or something else & has me fooled into the wrong thinking?
Sorry for all probably silly qs.
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